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Disc golf course landmarks and nicknames

Players and observers have long believed that golf courses manifest unique characteristics – personalities, really – that set them apart from one another. Unlike, say, football, basketball, or tennis, which have playing fields that adhere to strict and uniformly measured … Continue reading

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Disc Golf Book Excerpt: The environmental impact of disc golf vs. ball golf

For those who don’t know, I’m working on a book project where my productivity has been on-and-off depending on the demands of my ‘day’ job. I have posted a few excerpts of the book here in the past, all pulled … Continue reading

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Video and pictures from the South Pacific’s best disc golf course

You’ve heard of an island green in golf, right? Where you tee off near a shoreline to a green situated on a small piece of land surrounded by water? The course featured in today’s post is nothing like that. In … Continue reading

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More land for us misfits to play with our toys

People of a certain age certainly remember the Land of the Misfit Toys, a place to where toys that no kids want for Christmas get exiled. It’s part of the old Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer movie from a looong time … Continue reading

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Ryan Ranch: Yet another disc golf success story

I’m sure there must be similar phenomena out there, but I can’t think of any. How many other sports, activities or hobbies besides disc golf have grown the way disc golf has grown, in terms of the way courses get … Continue reading

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Anniversary of the Hambrick Day Ace

I’m not really a ‘rare’ disc collector. My home office has more than 30 discs on the wall (plus the single framed Marty Hapner created Masters Cup composition-of-many-years’ stamps disc remaining in my house), but nearly all of them are … Continue reading

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DeLa in all its finery

Another of those times to celebrate the differences between ball golf and disc golf. The PDGA National Tour rolls into town this week for the Masters Cup, an event hosted by the DeLa Disc Golf Club for the past 25 … Continue reading

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More on Aptos and the rest of the Santa Cruz DG scene

Didn’t mention it in the last post, but big props and thanks to Jake and his minions for first getting a course approved at Aptos High School, then making it a reality, and finally for continuing to make improvements to … Continue reading

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Whistler’s Bend in Roseburg Oregon

A few months ago my wife wanted me to plan a camping trip in somewhere in between Santa Cruz and Portland, Oregon, where her brother and his kids live. I remembered hearing that Roseburg in Oregon had two good disc … Continue reading

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Disc Golf on Maui

I don’t have time to write all I’ll eventually want to write about this great disc golfing experience, but I do want to at least share the pictures I took with those who read DeLa Blahg. The people that get … Continue reading

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