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Whistler’s Bend in Roseburg Oregon

A few months ago my wife wanted me to plan a camping trip in somewhere in between Santa Cruz and Portland, Oregon, where her brother and his kids live. I remembered hearing that Roseburg in Oregon had two good disc … Continue reading

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One of the unique appeals of disc golf

My preference when playing disc golf is to play with one or two other players, but I don’t mind a foursome or sometimes a fivesome. Anything more than that though, in my opinion is too much. In fact, I’d rather … Continue reading

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Baskets on the move

It’s July 8th in Santa Cruz . . . do you know where the baskets at DDGC are? After a bunch of recent placement changes, here’s the current layout (with changed holes in red): 1- Long left 2- Short right … Continue reading

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Self-serving note about putting

Somehow or another, I started a habit yesterday of putting with my abdominal muscles flexed. I noticed as I was practicing that it kind of locked me into the putt and also helped remind me to maintain good posture. During … Continue reading

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Visualization, Water, and Aces

Good round this morning. Ended up -5 at DeLa with seven birdies, two bogies, and a par on 13. I even passed toughest point (13) in the quest for a bogie-free round before throwing two bad shots in a row … Continue reading

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