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Mind control in disc golf- first step: thinking about what you’re thinking about

How many times has any of the following happened to you? You miss badly on a tricky and/or risky putt, and almost immediately after it leaves your hand you realize that although you thought you had decided to go for … Continue reading

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Results from the Enduro Ice Bowl at DeLaveaga

According to TD Mark ‘DeLaDiscman’ Karleskind’s Facebook wall, 95 people played the 56-hole marathon at DeLa last weekend, with more than $1,000 and mucho canned food donated to local charities. Steve Lonhart (winner of the Open Masters division) was nice … Continue reading

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Felton Freeze Results

We all know that the most important results of all the Ice Bowl charity events held worldwide this time of year are the cash raised and food collected to help feed the hungry, but for those that care to see … Continue reading

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DeLa with Nikko

Nikko Locastro is in town to defend his title at the Otter Open in Monterey, and decided to get here a week early to practice the courses that’ll be played at the 2011 Pro Worlds. I played some holes at … Continue reading

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The Vibram Disc Golf Review ‘Preview’

When I began playing disc golf more than 20 years ago, all discs were basically the same in terms of material. They were all plastic, and they were pretty much all the type of plastic we now refer to as … Continue reading

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