“Thanks again for the in-person tips and links in your follow up email. I was surprised how well my backhand form improved just with one lesson. Now that I have a mantra, 1.2.3. F*ck it, I have confidence playing a full round backhand.”

Matt F.

I have been playing for about two years and picked up some bad habits along the way. I took one lesson with Jack and he was able to diagnose my problem areas and gave me practical ways to begin rebuilding my game. I highly recommend working with Jack.

Danny M.

I have been playing consistently for eight months but struggling to get better. I took a two-hour lesson with Jack today and drove away knowing that I had begun my journey to a better game and becoming more enthralled with the sport. Jack listened to and acknowledge my desired outcome for the lesson. Great communication before, through, and after the lesson. If you want to take your game to next level, look here!

Philip B.

“I have never played Disc Golf before and wanted to try it out. I decided to take a lesson with the instructor, Jack, from School of Disc Golf about a month ago to see if I would like it/be any good at it. I was so thankful to take the lesson because Jack showed me the basics of how to play and that anyone can play. Before the lesson, I was nervous to play but after taking the lesson I was confident that I could play and have fun with it. The lesson was very informational and fun all in one session.

I have taken what I learned and have gotten out to play quite a few times since then and am really enjoying the sport. I have even taken my kids out to play and they love it too. Thanks so much to Jack and School of Disc Golf!”

Sara T., castro Valley, CA

Thanks Jack!  This is super helpful!  We had such a good time and really appreciate all the amazing tips and the hang!  We will check this all out and hope to see you soon!  Lower scores coming!

Jeff D., Sherman Oaks, CA