Course Design

As the number of traditional golf courses in the United States has steadily declined over the past two decades, disc golf courses have grown in number by more than 10 percent year to year. The core game of golf is as great as ever, but the traditional version with clubs and balls is simply too expensive, too difficult to learn, and/or takes too much time to play for a large majority of us. Add to that the environmental concerns associated with pesticides, emissions from constant mowing, and water requirements and you have a sport that doesn’t fit well with the realities of the 21st century. Enter disc golf, which retains the numerous redeeming qualities of traditional golf without all the aforementioned baggage.

Although enjoyable disc golf courses can be installed nearly anywhere, they thrive on parcels of land that don’t seem to be suitable for anything else. Elevation changes and dense foliage only add to the fun, and the ‘fairways’ and ‘greens’ can consist of dirt, wild grass, or any other type of natural surface.

Click here to see the course map from a past camp project

From a cost/benefit perspective, it’s hard to beat the installation of a disc golf course. The up-front investment is minimal compared to nearly any other outdoor recreational facility, and most courses require little or no regular maintenance. If your objective is to provide the local community with a form of low impact exercise that is also great fun, a disc golf course fits the bill perfectly. If revenue generation is also a part of your equation, you can charge a fraction of the amount of the typical green fees at a traditional golf course and still be quite profitable- especially when you include the sale of snacks, drinks, and disc golf supplies.

School of Disc Golf specializes in recommending and executing disc golf course designs tailored to your specific intended use. Our experienced team has decades of experience, and is responsible for world famous and World Championship courses in addition to layouts geared to youth use and private commercial facilities. Contact us today to learn more. Use the form below to contact us directly so we can discuss your project.


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