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Do Live Broadcasts Grow the Sport of Disc Golf?

The Disc Golf World Tour debuted last weekend and for the most part, it delivered on Jussi Meresmaa’s promises. But whether it can deliver on his long-term vision of disc golf as a spectator sport- well, that’s another matter. As … Continue reading

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The ‘Worldwide Broadcast TV Premier’ of DiscmastersTV

So here’s the lowdown on the TV show: We’ve got the first episode complete and online on our YouTube channel here. We have enough footage already for the first four episodes, but will be shooting more soon. We now also … Continue reading

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A Discmasters teaser plus, uh, "Gourd Disc Golf’

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The Memorial via

Practice makes perfect. Well, lots and lots and lots of practice, plus talent, makes almost perfect. But practice does equal improvement, and the more live broadcasts gets under its belt, the better it gets at it. For the Memorial … Continue reading

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Disc golf as a model for economoic recovery

One of the results of California’s ongoing budget crisis was the threat last year of all state parks closing for the foreseeable future. Luckily the move was eventually exposed as a bluff by the governor, and nearly all parks remain … Continue reading

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More signs of legitimacy

When I come across a news item like this one from the Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, GA, it’s easy to imagine that disc golf has finally crossed the imaginary threshold into mainstream relevance. The story is about the National Collegiate … Continue reading

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Part 2 of ‘Knockin’ on the Wrong Door’, and the latest on Me!

The main point of my last post, though I rambled away from it, is this: If the PDGA or John Duessler think that getting 7,000 people worldwide to sign up for a live webcast of disc golf’s most prestigious event … Continue reading

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