More signs of legitimacy

When I come across a news item like this one from the Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, GA, it’s easy to imagine that disc golf has finally crossed the imaginary threshold into mainstream relevance. The story is about the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, the existence of which is a statement in itself. But it’s also very well-written, in a straight sports reporting style rather than the novelty/human interest angle most coverage still seems to favor. It’s written with the assumption that the reader understand the sport of disc golf. That’s not the case today across the country or the world, but apparently in Augusta – at least in one newspaper’s mind – it IS there.

And I find the fact that it was published so close to the home of Bobby Jones’ Augusta National Golf Course, location of the just-completed THE MASTERS, makes the story more notable, not less. Maybe it’s an indication that those that are best-acquainted with the virtues of the game of golf understand those virtues exist in disc golf, without limiting factors such as excessive cost, time to play, and difficulty.

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