Disc Golf for Groups

Ready for something different?

the question isn’t whether your group will love disc golf.

they will.

A more reasonable question is “How did we not know about this?” Disc golf has enjoyed strong grassroots growth for decades, to the point that millions play every day on more than 20,000 courses worldwide. The pandemic drew even more people to the sport, and it’s now quite the thing!

The most useful and productive questions now are “In what ways can disc golf benefit my group?” and “How can School of Disc Golf help me provide those benefits to my group?”

Glad you asked!

Disc golf is a super fun sport that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. The cost to play is practically nil and therefore not an obstacle to regular participation. Once introduced to disc golf, many end up playing frequently because it’s both fun and free. The benefits that foster wellness – exercise, fresh air, stress relief – are happy by-products. The best forms of exercise help us become happier and healthier by doing something we genuinely want to do.

School of Disc Golf can help you bring the benefits of disc golf to your group in a variety of ways. Our teambuilding events fit the need for an offsite group activity, our workshops and classes fit perfectly into a fitness programming model, and if you have the land we’ll build you your own course for less than it costs for a single basketball court.

teambuilding events

School of Disc Golf has hosted teambuilding events throughout the Bay Area since 2010. Clients include Google, Netflix, Facebook, and many others, in small teams and large groups.

Work with us to structure the perfect outdoor experience for your group. It can be competitive and lesson-enriched by design, but fresh air and fun are a given!

workshops & wellness

Disc golf is one of the most accessible sports in the world. It is an affordable source of low-impact exercise and fresh air. And it’s fun, so people want to play.

If your organization provides wellness benefits, consider bringing in School of Disc Golf. We offer on-site and off-site services, from workshops and classes to private lessons and clinics.

disc golf course design

Disc golf courses thrive in a wide variety of settings, they don’t require much land, and are shockingly inexpensive to install and maintain.

If you have even a few acres of open space and could use an accessible new option for outdoor fitness, consider a private disc golf course. We’ll handle everything from course design and installation to disc supply.

I have been playing for about two years and picked up some bad habits along the way. I took one lesson with School of Disc Golf and my instructor was able to diagnose my problem areas and gave me practical ways to begin rebuilding my game. I highly recommend them.

Danny M.