Lessons & Coaching

What’s it worth to you?

solid technique + personal instruction = clear results.

At School of Disc Golf we’re aware of the passion you have for the game. Whether you’re aiming for that first PDGA-sanctioned win or totally new to the game, we know what improved performance means to you. We also know there are three necessary components to get the results we consistently deliver:

We know our stuff, we’re good at communicating said stuff, and maybe most importantly, we give you personal attention. We take the time to learn about you and your disc golf goals, and limitations. If you let us, we become a partner in your quest for disc golf glory, or competence, as the case may be.

private lessons

Work directly with a professional instructor who will take the time to explain concepts in a way you understand.

Learn how to use proper timing, balance, and large muscles (and a loose arm) to throw further and straighter. Get your questions answered.

remote disc golf lessons

remote coaching

Don’t settle for less just because you can’t come to Santa Cruz!

Remote blocks include recorded form analysis video as well as live video sessions with your coach.

You’ll get the same customized instruction and personal attention as local clients.

give disc golf a try

Learn all the basics necessary to have a great time right away, and also gain a greater understanding of the sport’s finer points so you can decide if it’s for you.

You choose the duration and whether to buy or borrow discs.

I have been playing for about two years and picked up some bad habits along the way. I took one lesson with School of Disc Golf and my instructor was able to diagnose my problem areas and gave me practical ways to begin rebuilding my game. I highly recommend them.

Danny M.