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The School of Disc Golf thrives on two basic objectives: Introduce as many people as possible to the sport we love, and help our fellow disc golfers refine their skills- and have even more fun! A passion for disc golf drives our business and inspires our award-winning blog.

Our most popular services are lessons and disc golf teambuilding events, but this site includes plenty of do-it-yourself instructional content. Just go to the blog and use the search box to the right to find what you want.

Our founder Jack has published two books . Three Paths to Better Disc Golf details three distinct aspects of one’s quest for improvement: philosophical, strategic, and tactical. The Disc Golf Revolution closely examines all aspects of the growing sport, including its accessibility and broad appeal, to show why disc golf is golf, optimized for the 21st century. Get signed, custom-inscribed copies of both here, or pick them up on Amazon.

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, the School of Disc Golf works with clients from around the world, in person and via remote connection. You can read testimonials here.

disc golf lessons

“The School of Golf team-building event exceeded my expectations. It was entertaining and eye-opening, and just a great way to spend the day outdoors.”

-Mike Z., Google

“It only took one day of disc golf to get me obsessed with the game. I began playing more frequently, but as a very competitive female, I knew I could be even better if only I had more instruction on the fundamentals of the game. I started researching techniques, watching video tutorials and trying to understand how to buy discs but it was all very overwhelming. Then one day I stumbled onto The School of Disc Golf and never looked back since.

“Our instructor Jack made sure we covered everything and anything I wanted to know more about. He taught me the fundamentals of a proper backhand and sidearm throws, various techniques for putt and approach, and other mental aspects of the game that have really helped me improve and gain consistency. Jack has never hesitated to answer any questions I have, even well after my lesson. He is very passionate about the sport and helping other people get better, and it really shows in his lessons.

“Thanks Jack! Now I can keep up with the boys!”

Alexandra M., San Jose, CA

“My lessons with Jack far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been playing for about 2.5 years and understood I had built some bad habits but did not have any clue as to how to go about identifying and fixing them. Jack broke proper form down to very simple and understandable mechanics, and over the course of 3 hours, I found myself throwing from a standstill almost as far – and much more accurately – than I had before.

I walked away with a much better understanding of where I need improvement and the necessary tools to practice on my own. On top of it all Jack was a very cool guy who has an innate ability to teach – It was a very enjoyable and informative experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else in a similar situation to my own.”

John J., Berkeley, CA

“We now LOVE disc golf, thanks to our School of Disc Golf lesson! The whole family had a blast, ages 3-57! We plan to get out and try out our new skills tomorrow! What a fun, fantastic teacher and coach Jack is! I highly recommend him!”

-Wendy Rae J., Boulder Creek, CA

remote analysis & coaching available now

We’ve had clients come to Santa Cruz from out of town, out of state, even out of the country! If you want personal disc golf instruction but that kind of travel isn’t feasible, we can still help!

School of Disc Golf offers remote analysis & coaching services, and the feedback we’re receiving is tremendous. We use a combination of direct consultation, video markup and analysis, and live web conferencing to help clients achieve real improvement.

Learn more or sign up for your first remote coaching session today!

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