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The School of Disc Golf exists to help you achieve your disc golf goals. Our most popular services are lessons and disc golf teambuilding events, and this site includes plenty of do-it-yourself instructional content. To find a post on a subject that you’re particularly interested in (backhand, forehand, putting, mental game, etc.) just use the search box to the right.disc golf book, disc golf instruction

The Disc Golf Revolution, disc golf book,

We have two books now available on Amazon. ‘Three Paths to Better Disc Golf details three distinct aspects of one’s quest for improvement: philosophical, strategic, and tactical. ‘The Disc Golf Revolution closely examines all aspects of the growing sport, including its accessibility and broad appeal, using dozens of sources and all available statistics to show why disc golf will overtake traditional golf in 10 short years!

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, the School of Disc Golf works with clients from across the country. If you can’t make it here but are interested in lessons or teambuilding events, let us know. We will try to find you a good, qualified alternative.