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Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, the School of Disc Golf works with clients from around the world, in person and via remote connection. You can read testimonials here. Our most popular services are private lessons and disc golf teambuilding events.

Are you looking for a disc golf gift that is sure to surprise and delight? We offer gift certificates for both in-person and remote lessons, shirts festooned with the School of Disc Golf/Santa Cruz logo, and author-signed copies of books written by School of Disc Golf president Jack ‘Tupp’ Trageser.

disc golf books

Three Paths to Better Disc Golf details three distinct avenues for disc golf improvement: philosophical, strategic, and tactical. The Disc Golf Revolution closely examines all aspects of the growing sport, including its accessibility and broad appeal, to show why disc golf is golf, optimized for the 21st century.

Get copies of both books here, or pick them up on Amazon.

This site also includes tons of instructional content. How awesome is that?! Just go to our award-winning blog and use the search box to find what you want.

If the Wisdom of The Blog doesn’t automatically answer all your disc golf questions and solve all your problems, scroll down to learn more about our private lessons. Whether you opt for in-person or remote instruction, we offer something you may have difficulty finding elsewhere: Personal instruction from someone who knows what they’re talking about and is skilled at communicating and coaching.

lessons make a difference.

YouTube videos and group clinics with top pros can be helpful, sometimes, but they don’t come close to personalized instruction from a dedicated teaching professional.

We provide private lessons, remote coaching if you can’t be here in person, and form analysis videos– all after collecting info on your specific disc golf goals.

Contact us today to book your first session or learn more. And check out what our clients say about us:

“I have been playing consistently for eight months but struggling to get better. I took a two hour lesson with Jack today and drove away knowing that I had begun my journey to a better game and becoming more enthralled with the sport. Jack listened to and acknowledge my desired outcome for the lesson. Great communication before, through and after the lesson. If you want to take your game to the next level, look here!”

Philip B, Moraga, CA

“We now LOVE disc golf, thanks to our School of Disc Golf lesson! The whole family had a blast, ages 3-57! We plan to get out and try out our new skills tomorrow! What a fun, fantastic teacher and coach Jack is! I highly recommend him!”

Wendy Rae J, Boulder Creek, CA

“I took a two hour lesson with Jack this past weekend and it was a very worthwhile investment. He is very good at coaching you step by step and conveying proper technique in a number of ways that will make sense to you. His ability to film your shot and show you instant corrections in real time was very helpful. If you want to learn this sport or just need a new tool for the course you play, Jack is the man to go to!”

Jeff N, Sacramento, CA

personal attention, virtual connection.

We’ve had clients come to Santa Cruz from out of town, out of state, even out of the country! If you want personal disc golf instruction but that kind of travel isn’t feasible, we can still help!

School of Disc Golf offers remote analysis & coaching services, and the feedback we’re receiving is tremendous. We use a combination of direct consultation, video markup and analysis, and live web conferencing to help clients achieve real improvement.

Learn more or sign up for your first remote coaching session today!


“Thanks again for the in-person tips and links in your follow up email. I was surprised how well my backhand form improved just with one lesson. Now that I have a mantra, 1.2.3. F*ck it, I have confidence playing a full round backhand.”

Matt F.

“I have never played Disc Golf before and wanted to try it out. I decided to take a lesson with the instructor, Jack, from School of Disc Golf about a month ago to see if I would like it/be any good at it. I was so thankful to take the lesson because Jack showed me the basics of how to play and that anyone can play. Before the lesson, I was nervous to play but after taking the lesson I was confident that I could play and have fun with it. The lesson was very informational and fun all in one session.

I have taken what I learned and have gotten out to play quite a few times since then and am really enjoying the sport. I have even taken my kids out to play and they love it too. Thanks so much to Jack and School of Disc Golf!”

Sara T., castro Valley, CA

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