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The School of Disc Golf thrives on two basic objectives: Introduce as many people as possible to the sport we love, and help our fellow disc golfers refine their skills and have even more fun. Our passion for disc golf drives our business and shines through each post on our award-winning blog.

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Our most popular services are lessons and disc golf teambuilding events, and this site includes plenty of do-it-yourself instructional content. To find a post on a subject that you’re particularly interested in (backhand, forehand, putting, mental game, etc.) navigate to the blog and use the search box to the right.

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We have two books now available on Amazon. ‘Three Paths to Better Disc Golf details three distinct aspects of one’s quest for improvement: philosophical, strategic, and tactical. ‘The Disc Golf Revolution closely examines all aspects of the growing sport, including its accessibility and broad appeal, using dozens of sources and all available statistics to show why disc golf is golf optimized for the 21st century.

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, the School of Disc Golf works with clients from around the world. You can read testimonials here. If you can’t make it here but are interested in lessons or teambuilding events, let us know. We will try to find you a good, qualified alternative in your area.

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“The School of Golf team-building event exceeded my expectations. It was entertaining and eye-opening, and just a great way to spend the day outdoors.”

-Mike Z., Google´╗┐

“We now LOVE disc golf, thanks to our School of Disc Golf lesson! The whole family had a blast, ages 3-57! We plan to get out and try out our new skills tomorrow! What a fun, fantastic teacher and coach Jack is! I highly recommend him!”

-Wendy Rae J., Boulder Creek, CA

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The Straight Line on Disc Golf Putting: Part 2

Do you notice when watching the best players in disc golf that their putts seem effortless? A big reason why is Spin. In Part 1 of this series I communicated two main points: Maintaining a straight line at the target while putting, during the entire motion AND follow-through, is the best way to maximize accuracy … Continue reading The Straight Line on Disc Golf Putting: Part 2

Basket size on the pro tours: What’s the REAL issue? I’ll tell you.

By Jack ‘Tupp’ Trageser Where do you stand on The Great Debate about basket size on the pro tour? The subject has been debated extensively- on YouTube last year via a DGPT roundtable, more recently in a PDGA magazine article by course design guru John Houck, and in thousands of discussions among elite players and … Continue reading Basket size on the pro tours: What’s the REAL issue? I’ll tell you.

The Straight Line on Disc Golf Putting- Part 1

By Jack Trageser The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. You’ve heard that before, right? It’s true of many things, including – in the figurative as well as the literal sense – disc golf putting. If you’d like to transform yourself from an inconsistent putter who is frustrated by frequently missing putts … Continue reading The Straight Line on Disc Golf Putting- Part 1

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