Disc Golf Book

Packed with dozens of well-written tips, tricks, and techniques, Three Paths to Better Disc Golf is easily the most impactful instructional disc golf book ever published. In addition to being an accomplished writer, the author has played disc golf for more than 25 years, has won multiple Pro tournaments and runs the successful School of Disc Golf. He also starred in the Discmasters TV show with world champions Nate Doss, Avery Jenkins and Valarie Jenkins.disc golf book how to play disc golf

Although it includes chapters on how to throw backhand, sidearm, turnover shots and rollers, this is NOT your typical ‘How-To’ book. Recreational players and touring pros alike will gain multiple insights. 36 chapters are divided into three sections, with each of the three representing a different path to better disc golf. All three then converge into one principal philosophy- one main road to lower scores and more fun.

The philosophical path helps disc golfers examine broad patterns and identify systemic issues in their own games, then provides concepts to affect change. The strategic path is all about playing smarter through analysis and planning. The tactical path is hands-on, providing specific tips and techniques that are both physical and mental in nature.

If one of the things you love about disc golf is the lifelong challenge to play better and score lower, this is the book for you. It’s only $5.99 on Amazon.com- buy a copy today!