What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf, also referred to as Frisbee Golf or Frolf, is a game that borrows most of its rules and terminology from traditional golf, using flying discs rather than clubs and balls. The object of the game – complete each hole in the fewest strokes (throws) possible – is the same, as are the strategic, risk/reward elements of the game. Rather than a hole in the ground for a target, disc golf uses a pole-hole above the ground- a pole surrounded by chains sitting inside a basket that catches discs the same way a hole collects a well-aimed ball.

Where disc golf differs radically from traditional golf is in the realm of accessibility. Disc golf is affordable, easy to learn and enjoy, takes far less time than ‘ball’ golf and tends to be much more casual as well.

The Professional Disc Golf Association provides its own description of disc golf here, and lists the official rules of play here. Although it’s a tad dated and humorous, this YouTube video actually sums up the major points of recreational disc golf fairly accurately in five minutes. Contact the School of Disc Golf today to learn more.

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