Disc Golf in a Vacuum

A common theme that threads through all of the School of Disc Golf’s  teachings on the mental approach to the game is a philosophical concept we call ‘Disc Golf in a Vacuum’.

This refers to playing disc golf with a single objective that exists in complete isolation in the mind of a disc golfer: planning and executing the flight path of a flying disc.

  • When playing Disc Golf in a Vacuum, there is no score, no round, no tournaments . . . there aren’t even holes. There is no last throw or next throw, at least in the conscious mind. There is only the present moment, and the challenge with which one is presented. In the present. In a total and complete vacuum.
  • When playing Disc Golf in a Vacuum, results are gauged and gratification earned by achieving the desired flight path. The context of golf is a unit of measurement to be applied at the end of the round.
  • Paradoxically, by learning to play Disc Golf in a Vacuum we free our minds of performance anxiety and can shoot our best scoring rounds of golf.
  • Most importantly, playing Disc Golf in a Vacuum produces a more substantial and lasting kind of enjoyment and gratification. It is practically impossible to not have fun! Controlling the disc is its own reward, and falling short of that objective presents the opportunity to learn and grow.

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