Remote Lessons, Analysis, and Coaching

One-on-one coaching.

Anywhere in the world.

if you’re serious about reaching your DISC GOLF goals, there is no substitute for private coaching.

You can find thousands of instructional disc golf articles and videos on the internet. Unfortunately, much of it is either questionable advice or difficult to understand. There is simply nothing like working with an expert who can listen to your goals and tailor instruction to your unique situation. We’ve helped thousands of players throw farther and score better.

Can’t make it to Santa Cruz, CA? No problem! We offer three remote coaching services.

Remote disc golf lessons typically consist of a combination of three types of interaction. Well, technically, it’s four.

  1. First we interact via email, text, and/or phone to determine your disc golf learning objectives.
  2. You send us video clips of your disc golf putting, driving, or upshots, and we analyze them using vocal narration and on-screen mark-ups. Then we share them with you.
  3. Using Google Duo or Zoom, we use a live video session to work one-on-one.

Using one of these methods or a combination of all three (your choice), we identify and eliminate the obstacles between you and your disc golf goals. Contact us today to learn more.

video analysis

live video lessons

“I recently started back up with disc golf and was searching for coaching help to ensure I was making the correct adjustments. I found the School of Disc Golf and my coach Jack and I recently conducted a virtual putting lesson while I have been in Mexico during the COVID19 travel restrictions. It was a powerful session and a worthwhile investment. Getting good coaching is a critical phase in improvement in any endeavor and one that all disc golfers should seek out. I highly recommend Jack’s virtual disc golf coaching.”

-Roger S., Mexico City, Mexico