Disc Golf Form Analysis

We often use side-by-side comparisons to match your throwing form with a player who is correctly executing an element of the throw with which you may be struggling, then explain how to make the adjustment.

In addition to private lessons, coaching, and remote instruction, which all involve direct interaction, School of Disc Golf also provides video form analysis.

If all you need is an expert to point out where you can clearly improve, or if the cost of private coaching exceeds your budget right now, our form analysis option may be right for you. We still take the time to understand your goals and specific flaws you’re wanting to correct, so the more information you give us the better we can help.

The process is simple: Once payment is received we send instructions on how to share your video files, along with an online questionnaire that helps us tailor our feedback specifically to you. We then let you know when your analysis videos are ready to view and download- usually in three business days or less. Simple!

Contact us today to get started or learn more. We know that disc golf gets more fun with every increase in distance and accuracy, and we want you to have the most fun possible!