Unique Images from DeLa

For some reason- injury, age, other distractions (those #*! Ankle-biters!). . . who knows- my game has slipped a couple notches in the past 12 months. After a career high player rating of 999 I’m down to 982, and my distance has seen some deterioration as well. The down-side is that I was at a point where I could beat anyone at DeLa on any given day, and now I have distinctly second-tier feeling. But I’ve noticed an upside as well. I seem to have more casual golf fun, and notice things I might not have noticed in the past. Take these pictures, for instance: Two are of a ‘beer bottle terrarium’ at an undisclosed place on the course. Jason Esper showed me this unique little wonder, and the only hint I’ll give you is that your disc could easily skip off this bottle en route to a drop-in birdie. (And if you haven’t noticed yet, the reason it’s unique is cuz a miniature garden of clover grows inside the bottle, with just enough air, sun, and moisture to survive.

The other picture is of my Special Edition Soft Rhyno sitting in the remains of a broken up, rotten oak tree on the left side of hole 21. The disc is the exact same color as the rotten oak remains in which it lies, and our group all noticed it at the same time. Thanks to JD, my awareness of such artistic subtleties was tuned in nicely.

So, cool stuff. And the golf wasn’t bad (for me) either. I defended my #008 tag against Sof and Gregory, -5 to +3 to +7, respectively. I also fended off a challenge from Sof and Jason Esper on Wednesday, so for a second-tier guy that’s not bad.

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