old school discs

What’s the oldest disc in your bag? For me, it’s a 180-gram DGA ‘Disc Golf Disc’ #1, which was factored by Steady Ed himself into a less stable #4. I bought it from Steady Ed at his warehouse in Freedom, CA after getting a little tour of the facilities. I’d guess it came out of the mold in the late 80’s or early 90’s, and I bought it around 1997 or so. I paid Ed $20 for that disc, and a few others like it!

And it’s not in my bag for nostalgic reasons, either. I only use it as a roller, and it’s useful because I can start it off almost like an airshot thrown into the ground and it will stand up and eventually turn over. On #6 I actually put hyzer on it- it’s that understable. At DeLa, I use it as my driver on #6 (remember I’m a lefty), and I regularly use it for the tricky 2nd shot on I-5 (hole 13). The second-oldest disc in my bag might be my ‘beat putter,’ an Aviar from an early 90’s tourney at DeLa with a Jamba Juice stamp.

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