Visualization, Water, and Aces

Good round this morning. Ended up -5 at DeLa with seven birdies, two bogies, and a par on 13. I even passed toughest point (13) in the quest for a bogie-free round before throwing two bad shots in a row on 16. My special moment (there is almost always at least one in a round at DeLa) today came on 26, when I was able to tap into the ‘whole other level’ of visualization on my birdie putt (more like an uphill, around-the-tree throw-putt). I actually saw a sort of red streak that started at my lie, went throught the basket, and continued on past and out of sight. It was a low-percentage chance, but I knew it was going in before it even left my hand. If anyone ever learns how to tap into thaqt level of visualization on every shot, they will be hard to beat.

Water Hazards
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that water hazards that cause a player to lost a disc forever are ridiculous? I mean, it’s not like ball golf where all you lose is a ball. In disc golf, the disc is like the ball AND the club for a stick-golfer. And what kind of sense would it make for someone to risk losing their favorite 5-wood? If it’s a stream where you can easily retrieve your disc, that’s a different matter. But designers should resist the temptation of placing baskets near the edge of lakes or deep rivers.

I’ve ranted on this before, but I believe we do the whole ace-thing backwards in disc golf. If someone cards an ace, that person should count their lucky stars (they are almost always an accident, if we’re honest with ourselves) and buy the people in his/group a drink. The ace is reward enough itself!

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