The Black Mouse examples

Our family has three pet rats, but as of sometime yesterday afternoon only two of them – Alice and Weasel – were accounted for in their cage. Gavoroche was missing, and after conducting interviews in the morning, a 5-year old suspect admitted removing the rat from the cage, taking it outside, and leaving it on Dude the cat’s bed. With the office door open. So the rat either escaped into the woods, or chose to remain in the office somewhere and spend the night with Dude.

My solution was to take off for a quick round at Black Mouse and cool off, so as not to get Memorial Day weekend started on a rat-death downer note. I’m glad I did.

Not because of my score (it took birdies on 16 and 17 to squeak under par) but a few observations I made:

  • I, like many people I know, really, really value disc golf. It’s amazing something this great can be widely available and mostly free
  • Also like many others I know, I pus for the growth of the sport, but do I really want it? I hit the course at Black Mouse at 8:30 AM, left at 9:30, and didn’t see another player. It was a real pleasure and I’m not sure I want to give that up
  • There are three new benches, on holes 3, 4, and, uh, I forget which other one. But the progress there continues. Between the JR High Nature Academy and the Black Mouse club, the story of that course is everything that’s right about the way our sport is growing

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