Celebrating women in disc golf: Women’s Week at Rattling Chains

Disc golf is perfect – or as close as can be – in so many ways, and gender neutrality can be counted among it’s strong points. Yet even though it’s growing rapidly among women, the number of guys that play still far outweighs the number of gals. That’s gotta change!

The other blog where most of my posts here appear – RattlingChains.com – has for the second year in a row dedicated an entire week of coverage to women in disc golf. We think the ladies and girls who play really love the sport, and feel that others will love it too if they just give it a try. It always makes my day when I see a foursome of women on the course having a ball. My contribution to Women’s Week at Rattling Chains appeared here, in a slightly different version than at Rattling Chains, but in case anyone happens upon this site and is not a regular reader of Rattling Chains, I wanted to post links to the other stories as well.

The week started with a profile of a 23-year old Swedish professional named Ragna Bygde. She was introduced to disc golf by her father and now has pretty lofty aspirations herself.

Next was my story, about a women’s disc golf clinic that my wife and two girls attended. My older daughter was so excited afterward that we attended a major pro event a few days later as spectators, following the top women’s group.

The story that ran next profiled another dedicated female player named Kristy King. I happen know Kristy as she is also based in Santa Cruz, and the story focused on a certain disc golf tattoo she has that likely is unique to her and her alone, that symbolizes what disc golf means to her.

Story number four of Women’s Week was written by a woman – frequent RC contributor Jenny Cook – about a disc golf entrepreneur and his efforts to promote the sport among women. You can read more to see how ‘The Disc Golf Guy’ is putting more than just lip service into his efforts to get women into tournaments and league play.

The week wrapped up with a touching piece about a woman who went through a life-threatening medical issue and came through it in part thanks to disc golf and the local disc golfing community, who she considers a second family.

If you are a female and play disc golf, feel free to share your experiences with us. What do you like about disc golf, and what do you think can be improved to help the sport appeal to more women? And any ideas to give it more exposure among the gender that makes up slightly more than half the world’s population is appreciated as well. Most guys agree that the more females that play, the better!

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