Three Paths to Better Disc Golf- A School of Disc Golf Book!

Disc Golf is a simple yet complex and multifaceted game. It’s one of the reasons we can play for decades – primarily on the same local courses – without losing interest. We can always do better, and most avid golfers continually strive to shoot lower scores. The good news is that a disc golfer can improve his or her game in so many different ways. It’s not just about distance and accuracy (although both are important).disc golf book

In one of my first sessions with a new, particularly enthusiastic and eager client, I was seeking for a clearer way to drive home the ‘so many ways to improve besides technique’ point. I sought a way to categorize all the lessons I’ve learned and taught besides ‘physical’ and ‘mental’. It then occurred to me that all of the techniques, tips, tricks, and unwritten rules I’ve written about in this blog can be found along one of three different paths that each lead to better disc golf:

  • The philosophical approach to better disc golf, which encourages players to examine the big picture. Why do you play? What are you thinking about, really, as you prepare for each throw?
  • The strategic approach to better disc golf, comprised primarily of the principles of game management and playing ‘smarter’ by identifying and eliminating chronic mental errors.
  • The tactical approach to better disc golf, where a player improves mostly by learning new types of throws and refining and strengthening existing ones.

As a means of demonstrating the differences between these aspects of golf and why players of all skill levels can still improve in at least one of them, I’ve written a new book. It’s called Three Paths to Better Disc Golf and you can preview it now for free. Disc golf is fun no matter what, but reaching new scoring plateaus is also extremely rewarding. With nearly 30 chapters that span all aspects of disc golf there are bound to be at least a few that help even the most seasoned player gain new insights.

If you’re shopping for a gift for a disc golf fanatic and want a great alternative to discs or a gift certificate, here y’go.

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