FrisbeeGolf Friday, March 10, 2023

Last week in the wide, wide world, the disc golf revolution continued unabated. A promoter in China contacted me about publishing The Disc Golf Revolution for distribution there. A sizeable market to be sure, but I don’t want any confusion about revolutions. The early translation effort needs work, Yao, but thanks!

From Liverpool, England’s first-ever muni golf course (read: old) has a new director (no, not that Matt Bell), and he announced a plan to add disc golf. A bit west of there, the Japan Open, a former PDGA major, is coming in May. This unique event is played with discs 150 grams or less and has been held every other year (or less often) since 1985.

Libraries let you check out all kinds of things. Books, videos, ghost-hunting kits, disc golf kits, birdwatching kits . . . A new course in Lapeer, MI will be funded by a tax on cannabis. I can think of 420 reasons why that makes sense. Speaking of new courses, an overgrown golf course in Indiana is being turned into a shiny new disc golf course, and the city is thrilled. The revolution continues . . .

My test of the Idio Syncrasy has entered month 5, and the epic storms here in Santa Cruz have put the grip and of course the waterproof-ness of these disc golf shoes to the ultimate test. Check out my full review here, and know that nothing has changed. So far, so good!

I’m working on a new instructional post about the role of our eyes in various disc golf throws, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, enjoy an old post from the blog that connects disc golf, the game of kroits, throwing stars, and “Failure!” Video included.

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