Hole 2

Detailed Hole Description

Hole two is short and narrow, with rough along the right side and hazard area along the left and behind the hole. A leaning pine tree bisects the fairway, another pine guards the B position, and yet another leaning pine stretches out behind the B position along the hazard line. That tree may keep a wayward disc from going across the hazard line; if it doesn’t it is likely to complicate comeback putts.

Anything left of the stakes is in the hazard.

Tips for Playing the Hole

It is hard on this hole to play for birdie without also risking a bogey. Keep that in mind as you decide what to do off the tee.

novice player tip

If you are right-handed, backhand throw tend to fade to the left. On this hole, that means toward the hazard line. Sidearm throws fade in the opposite direction. If you haven’t yet gotten the hang of getting the disc to fly straight, a sidearm drive should at least fade away from the hazard.

Advanced Player Tip

The fairway and green are not only small; they are fast as well. Throw the slowest disc possible- a putter, if possible, and at most a midrange disc.

Safety warning

You can walk around the fallen tree to get to the next tee, or duck under the fallen tree behind the basket. If you decide to duck under, WATCH YOUR HEAD!

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