Hole 9

Detailed Hole Description

The fairway of the finishing hole is rather narrow, defined by a hazard line on the right side and troublesome rough on the left.

The two small hazard areas just past and to the left of the tee are designed to punish errant drives from hole 7. As /you walk through them after teeing off, remember to be mindful of discs potentially coming from the left.

The A position is located roughly 30 feet behind the clump of eucalyptus trees in the middle of the fairway.

The B position is located in the middle of a small green defined by the hazard line which wraps around the right side and continues behind the basket.

Tips for Playing the Hole

As with the other uphill holes on this course (Holes 5 and 6), this hole plays significantly longer than the distances would seem to indicate.

Throws that miss the fairway will likely result in extra strokes, especially if your disc finds the hazard area on the right. Use discs you can control, and consider dialing back the power and playing more for positioning than maximum distance.

Hole 9 basket in the B position from the right side of the fairway

Remember that you must play each shot from where it lands, and each throw that lands in the hazard incurs an additional penalty stroke.

If you land on the right side of the fairway or in the hazard with the basket in the B position you may have a small window for a direct line to the basket. If you go for that window and don’t get through cleanly, the strokes can add up fast!

Getting Back to the resort

To get back to the top of the course use Chaminade’s trail that cuts through the course. You can enter the trail between the basket for hole 1 and the tee of Hole 2, or below and past the tee for Hole 3. Both directions will lead uphill and end up at the top of the resort near the spa. Be sure to watch out for players throwing from either tee.

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