Charter School Programs

The School of Disc Golf is now an approved vendor for Innovative Education Management and as such is now a proud provider of disc golf lessons and classes to students attending the non-profit’s four charter schools: Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain, South Sutter and Delta Empire (currently, we’re only working with Ocean Grove students).


Our classes and lessons are based upon Education Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) material, developed by experienced educators and disc golf experts. They satisfy physical education/elective credit requirements as defined by the California Department of Education. You can check out testimonials from Ocean grove parents here, and many other clients here.


Additional benefits of disc golf classes include the following:

  • The game of golf inherently helps instill valuable core values and life skills such as honesty, integrity, perseverance, and risk/reward decision-making.
  • Disc golf takes place outside in an environment that often includes the exercise of light hiking in addition to throwing the specialized golf discs.
  • Disc golf is one the world’s fastest-growing sports in the world in part because it is accessible to everyone. This is a sport anyone can play for a lifetime, for little or no cost.


Please use the contact form below to request additional information today. In most cases we’ll contact you within four hours.