Corporate Programs

Companies of all sizes are discovering the many ways its employees can benefit from an introduction to the sport of disc golf. As part of a wellness program or teambuilding exercise or fun group outing, disc golf’s low-cost, low-impact attributes appeal to a wide range of preferences, physical condition and athletic ability.

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Disc golf is also an environmentally sensitive activity, especially when compared to ‘ball golf’. Even world-class courses require no pesticides or other chemicals, no watering, and little or no alteration to the natural landscape. In addition, disc golf has throughout its history embraced everyone who wants to play, making it a great choice for corporate alignment and partnership.

If you are interested in learning more about disc golf, and you are interested in an event in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, or Monterey, we’d love to help you any way we can. Please use the fields below to open a dialogue with us today.


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