Lessons and Classes

Lessons and classes provided by the School of Disc Golf can be completely tailored to the goals of the individual or group. If your goal is to learn everything you can about the game, including why to play, how to play,  and where to play disc golf, this is the place for you. Get a basic primer in 1-4 sessions, or sign up for any of  three longer programs that each narrow in on a specific facet of the game (throwing techniques, putting, and the mental side of disc golf).

If you’re already hooked on this much more accessible version of the great game of golf and want to learn the skills, techniques and practice habits to improve your game and thereby take your enjoyment of the game to the next level, you’ll find that here as well.

Are you a competitive player – either in PDGA sanctioned or local events, or even just within your own crew? Does it feel like you’ve hit a wall in your quest to stop making the same mistakes and shoot lower and more consistent scores? The School of Disc Golf specializes in helping players of all skill levels take a systematic approach to improving their games. One of the great things about golf – both versions – is that it can be a lifelong journey. Some prefer to wander aimlessly on this journey, simply enjoying each flight of the disc (or ball). But others find great satisfaction in seeing their game improve, and that’s why the School of Disc Golf was created: to put those who desire it on the fast track to better disc golf. Use the contact form today to learn about our lesson and class options.


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