First Ace of 2008

I witnessed what I’m guessing was DeLa’s – and who knows, maybe the world’s – first ace of 2008. We were on hole 26, and he threw a heavy Cobra. In fact, it was the collectors disc Tom Schot sold before the Masters Cup last year for the spectators of the ‘Showcase Skins’ round to get the autographs of Climo, Nate, Des Reading and Stevie Rico. Gregory didn’t get the sigs, but he got the ace. In my book, that’s better. I especially appreciated it because when the disc hit the chains, it was ending it’s natural flight anyway, meaning it was more skill than luck. The sound was more like a that made by a disc thrown 50 feet as opposed to 250 feet. It turned out to be a close-to-personal best round for Gregory, too, so all the better.

A nice surprise

Nearly a year ago I accepted Josh Barnett’s invitation to check out the unofficial Santa’s Village course in Scotts Valley that he and Jammer designed. We tried to have a tourney, but the Scotts Valley police chased us outta there. Before that happened, though, I managed to lose a prized disc- a yellow Champion Cobra that was my go-to midrange disc. Out of the blue, a couple days ago, Josh called me and said he found it, in a hollow log, right where it disappeared. I saw him at the course the next day on hole 5, cleaned the weird fungus off of it, and threw it as my drive on hole7. Birdie! Look out world . . . I gots my yellow Cobra back!

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