Baskets on the move

It’s July 8th in Santa Cruz . . . do you know where the baskets at DDGC are?

After a bunch of recent placement changes, here’s the current layout (with changed holes in red):

1- Long left
2- Short right
5 – Short
6- Short
7- Short
8a- Right
10- Long
11-Short left
12- Island
14- Semi-short left
15- Short
16- Left
17- Closed
18- Long left
19- Short
20- Straight
23- Classic Right
24- Short
25- Long
26- Short
27- Semi-long

At first glance this layout should provide the opportunity for lower scores than the previous setup. Holes 6, 7, 14 and 20 all become much more birdy-able, and most of the other changes make for shorter holes as well. But if my two rounds since the change are any indication, scores may not drop much if any.

For starters, hole 1 in the long left is really tough now. Not only does the drive require decent length and accuracy on a steady uphill slope. With the downed tree rootball now blocking the right side of the green and tree trunks on the right, up-shots are challenging as well unless you really get your drive up there. Good luck!

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