One of the unique appeals of disc golf

My preference when playing disc golf is to play with one or two other players, but I don’t mind a foursome or sometimes a fivesome. Anything more than that though, in my opinion is too much. In fact, I’d rather play alone than in a large herd, and I often do just that.

Today, in fact, I opted to get a quick round in at nearby Black Mouse rather than not play at all. And while out there, I realized that disc golf (or to specify, disc golf at DeLaveaga) is kind of like a good hike combined with a great sporting interest. I’ve heard ball golf described as ‘A Good Walk Spoiled,’ or something like that. I know that quote is a tongue-in-cheek thing, but it still stands in sharp contrast to how I genuinely feel about disc golf:

“Disc golf is a good hike made better”.

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