disc selection

Why do most players buy and throw the discs they do?

Most often for the wrong reasons, which include:

  • They heard it’s the latest ‘fastest or farthest’ disc on the planet and don’t want to be at a disadvantage by not having it in their bag
  • They’ve seen someone whose game they admire or aspire to throw it in a similar situation
  • They subscribe to the theory that more disc choices in ones bag is better (which can be true, if you actually know what each disc does)
  • Packaging- which can mean the name of the disc, the pattern (tie-dye), or even the color

So what are the right reasons? For me it all comes down to practicality, and a realistic assessment of ones own game.

  • Living in Santa Cruz and playing courses that are wooded and mountainous, I always prefer brightly and unnaturally colored discs. Green, black, and multi-colored discs should be avoided at all costs- at least anywhere a disc might get lost.
  • If you’re not able to generate significant arm speed in general or on a particular shot, don’t throw anything fast and overstable. It’s much better to throw something that will glide to the target rather than being forced and cajoled.
  • You’ve probably heard it before, but the best strategy is to get a disc like a Roc or Buzz and throw it exclusively until you can get it to fly straight, turn over, and hyzer with good consistency. After that, you’ll be able better assess which other discs to add to your bag, and you’ll know how to adjust your form to get the most out of each.

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